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Hippo Birdie...
Got to get in a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to stephicozar. Hope you had a great day and the birthday fairy was kind:-D

And for something completely different, this is just too funny. My boys, Barenaked Ladies, have done a CD for kids, and this is one of the songs from it. It is so funny, I just love it.

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Not popping the champagne just yet, but...
Well, I picked Willow up from the vet, and although we won't know the result of the biopsy for another couple of days, the vet thinks that, because it got so much worse so quickly (he said he thought it had even gotten worse since he last saw her two days ago) it's more likely to be an infection that has abscessed. He's given her some more antibiotics so we hope that will do the job. But it almost broke my heart, when I left her this morning she tried to come with me:-( Her experience doesn't seem to have slowed her down any; she's still as hyper as ever:-)
Anyway, thanks for your good wishes and I'll keep you informed when I get the biopsy results.

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Friends Only

After a lot of thought I've made the decision to go Friends Only.
Leave a comment if you want to be added to my friends list and I will probably add you (I'm not all that fussy:-)). If you're not sure if you'd like to be added, have a look at my user info to get an idea of my interests, and what type of person I am. If you're a non-LJ friend, email me and I'll find another way for you to read my entries.

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I'll make this public in case ppl want to access it to see the bars
I've made some color bars if anyone is interested. There's a Michael Shanks one and a Paul Gross one. I'm not exactly sure how to set this up - most of the other color bars I've seen have an addy to link to, but I can't work out how to do that without hotlinking, and hotlinking is bad mmkay?? So does anyone have any ideas how to do this?? Anyways, here they are, and I'll add them to my user info
ETA: I've also found an SG-1 colorbar, and thanks to aizjanika's advice I've created a photobucket account so I can hotlink to my heart's content. If you're interested in any of these, just cut and paste the code in the scroll box (sorry about the background being black, I can't work out how to change it:-() If you want to use any of these, credit isn't necessary, but please leave a comment.
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I found a really nice Darren one too, but I followed the link and there's no reference to it on that person's LJ so I don't know how to ask permission to use it. I wonder if there's a Callum Keith Rennie one?? Or a Due South one??

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Inspired by my friend Tyler's wonderful work on updating her LJ, I thought it was time to go for a new look for mine too. I had been thinking the dark red was pretty hard on the eyes anyways, so I'm going with my second favourite colour - purple. I'm looking for a background pic too. Maybe. Depends on what I find.

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Dancing Round the Maypole
It's May. The year is getting away from us.
Anyways, I got this from heuradys I have no idea what it means but I thought it was interesting.
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How did they know?
First of all, Happy 46th Birthday Paul Gross!:-D Hope you had a good one.
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Last one I promise:-)
Ok, this is the last one. This was pretty funny. tylers_abyss these are for you:-)

You know you're Australian when...


You know you're Canadian when...

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Finally - a quiz
I got this from my friend engenda who got it from maubast

YOU, my friend, are 100% Canadian! You are what
Canadians are all about! (and that's about. not
a boot.) You, my friend, are AWESOME!

How Canadian Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Arty stuff
I really wish I could go "Friends only" because I've just come up with the perfect banner. Maybe I'll go Friends Only eventually, but I know there are a couple of ppl who sometimes read my journal and they don't have an LJ account, so that would mean they'd no longer be able to read it. Maybe I'll use these pics for an icon instead. Yeah, that's what I'll do.
In the meantime, check out the banner I made.

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