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18 July
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I'm an Aussie girl who enjoys music, reading, travelling, watching TV, and going out with friends. I am single, and the proud adopted mum of a puppy named Charlotte. Sadly, my little dog Willow - she's the little dog in the photo above - passed away in 2009 and I miss her.

I am somewhat of a contradiction: I crave being the centre of attention, but once I am it makes me nervous; I have a desire to help ppl, but find being around ppl hard to take sometimes.

I have somewhat of a Canada obsession. I have no idea why I like Canada so much, but I imagine it probably stems from the fact that it doesn't get as hot as it gets here, they don't feel the need to act as the world's police and, as a nation, they don't take themselves seriously. Also, you have to admit they grow the best men (I offer by way of proof, two of the three subjects of my banner below), and, to paraphrase Banky Edwards, I have a weird thing for guys who say "aboot":-)

I like being creative when inspiration hits, and I like comedy of the intelligent or absurd variety. My favourite TV shows are Glee, The Daily Show, Supernatural, Psych and Dr Who - and although they're not on anymore, I also loved Quantum Leap, Stargate SG-1, Everwood, The West Wing, and Due South. As you might expect from a music therapist, I love most types of music, particularly when it's full of passion. My favourite artists are Sarah McLachlan, Darren Hayes (again, see my banner below), Matchbox 20, The Whitlams, Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies and emo rock like Lifehouse, Default and Nickelback.

I welcome all comments, whether you agree with me or not. But, if you fit into the latter category, I ask that you at least try to show some tolerance towards my point of view and I will do the same for you - or you could always just stop reading it and go somewhere else instead. And I can't abide rudeness, so if you've come here to be rude to me or anyone else, then DON'T!

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Paul Gross is love

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Michael Shanks is love

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The Stargate team is love

by sg15z

Dean & Sam Winchester are Brotherly Love
by lost_iconses

Everwood is love

by falling__stars

David Tennant Is Love

by deanandsam_grfx

Darren Hayes is Love

by alionsheart

New Directions is Love

by amortentia_gal

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