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willows_mom [userpic]
I'll make this public in case ppl want to access it to see the bars
I've made some color bars if anyone is interested. There's a Michael Shanks one and a Paul Gross one. I'm not exactly sure how to set this up - most of the other color bars I've seen have an addy to link to, but I can't work out how to do that without hotlinking, and hotlinking is bad mmkay?? So does anyone have any ideas how to do this?? Anyways, here they are, and I'll add them to my user info
ETA: I've also found an SG-1 colorbar, and thanks to aizjanika's advice I've created a photobucket account so I can hotlink to my heart's content. If you're interested in any of these, just cut and paste the code in the scroll box (sorry about the background being black, I can't work out how to change it:-() If you want to use any of these, credit isn't necessary, but please leave a comment.

Image hosted by
Michael Shanks is love

Image hosted by
Paul Gross is love

I also found a Stargate one that I DIDN'T MAKE but I am assured is in the public domain as no one seems to have claimed it. I'll put it up and link it here, because there's really no other blog to link it to, but I say again I DID NOT MAKE IT and I AIN'T claiming I did. And look Tyler, it even has Jonas:-D

Image hosted by
The Stargate team is love

I found a really nice Darren one too, but I followed the link and there's no reference to it on that person's LJ so I don't know how to ask permission to use it. I wonder if there's a Callum Keith Rennie one?? Or a Due South one??


haha that last colorbar you found, is by me!
OMG, I do not remember LJ notifying when you sent this. Please don't think I've ignored you.
Thanks so much for letting me know about this. You did an amazing job and I will fix the link. Thanks for letting me use it too:-D