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I'll make this public in case ppl want to access it to see the bars
I've made some color bars if anyone is interested. There's a Michael Shanks one and a Paul Gross one. I'm not exactly sure how to set this up - most of the other color bars I've seen have an addy to link to, but I can't work out how to do that without hotlinking, and hotlinking is bad mmkay?? So does anyone have any ideas how to do this?? Anyways, here they are, and I'll add them to my user info
ETA: I've also found an SG-1 colorbar, and thanks to aizjanika's advice I've created a photobucket account so I can hotlink to my heart's content. If you're interested in any of these, just cut and paste the code in the scroll box (sorry about the background being black, I can't work out how to change it:-() If you want to use any of these, credit isn't necessary, but please leave a comment.

Image hosted by
Michael Shanks is love

Image hosted by
Paul Gross is love

I also found a Stargate one that I DIDN'T MAKE but I am assured is in the public domain as no one seems to have claimed it. I'll put it up and link it here, because there's really no other blog to link it to, but I say again I DID NOT MAKE IT and I AIN'T claiming I did. And look Tyler, it even has Jonas:-D

Image hosted by
The Stargate team is love

I found a really nice Darren one too, but I followed the link and there's no reference to it on that person's LJ so I don't know how to ask permission to use it. I wonder if there's a Callum Keith Rennie one?? Or a Due South one??


:-) That's what I did--and if I can figure it out, I'm sure you can. :-)

:-) That's what I did--and if I can figure it out, I'm sure you can. :-)
Yep, that's what I ended up doing too. I assumed I wouldn't need a photobucket account because I already had my own webspace to upload my pic to. But I thought this would be the best solution. Just makes it simpler - I can give ppl a code that they copy and paste, and it's done. No need for anyone to change anything.

Ooops. I deleted this because I accidentally used BB code. It's tough to go back and forth. hehe

Oh, I see what your saying. But as you said, hotlinking is not good--not even for putting a picture up in your LJ. Most web hosts don't allow that, even if it's possible.

Even if it's not for other people to use, you should still use Photobucket or something like that. But if it is for others to use, they should save it to their own computer and upload it to their own photobucket accounts, not use your bandwidth.

Does that makes sense? I have several webpages of my own and a photo album at Webshots, but none of them allow hotlinking. (And it's hotlinking to have any picture uploaded to that site show up on another site.) That's why I have a Photobucket account. Even my LJ banner and all the banners I have on my UserInfo are on Photobucket.

OK, I'm confused now:-(
I was planning on allowing other ppl to use them, so I uploaded them to my photobucket account, because they say they allow hotlinking. Should I not have done that?? I just thought it was easier - rather than having to give instructions - you know "save it and then upload it then put your address in here" - I could just give the code and say "here, enjoy".

Yes, when you share anything on LJ or put any picture (even your LJ banner) you should have it on PhotoBucket or some similar place that allows hotlinking. If your banner is uploaded to another webspace that doesn't allow hotlinking, *you* are hotlinking if you have it show upon LJ. Does that make sense? It doesn't matter whether you do it or someone else does it, it's still hotlinking.

When you upload stuff to share, you (generic) put it up on PhotoBucket so that you can share it (hotlink) it to your LiveJournal. If others want to use it in their journals, they shouldn't hotlink to *your* photobucket account. They should save it and put it on their own.

You could say "here enjoy" and let people hotlink to your photobucket account, but it's generally not acceptable to do that because even PhotoBucket has bandwidth limits. For you it may not matter, but in general if you had tons of people using all your stuff (banners, icons, etc.) and they were all hotlinking to *your* PhotoBucket account, then they would be using up your bandwidth.

Well, this is all my understanding of it, anyway. hehe